The Naskapi Nation has a dynamic and diverse business sector which includes a variety of Nation-owned businesses, commercial partnerships and ventures from the Naskapi Development Corporation. Those include:

Sichuun – A telecommunication company owned by the Naskapi Nation and First Nation partners that provides fibre optic internet, cellphone coverage and IT services to the region.

Kawawachikamach Energy Services Inc. – Fully owned and operated by the Naskapi Nation, KESI provides electricity to the Schefferville region via the Menihek dam.

Naskapi Adoschaouna Services – Owned and operated by the Naskapi Development Corporation, Adoschaouna provides transportation solutions in the Schefferville area, to and from Sept-Iles.

Chimo Garage – Chimo is a majority-owned Naskapi business that offers car rentals and repairs in the Schefferville region for individuals or businesses.

Naskapi Civil Works – Naskapi Civil Works is a majority-owned Naskapi partnership that works mainly in the area of civil construction, mining development and heavy equipment rental. They are active in the Fermont/Labrador City and Schefferville regions.

Pimi Naskinnuk – Pimi, a partnership between the Naskapi Nation, Innu and Inuit Nations, is the main fuel provider for the Schefferville area.

Beton Naskinnu – Beton Naskinnu is a Naskapi partnership that supplies concrete to the Schefferville area during construction season.

Tshiuetin Rail Transportation – Tshiuetin, a Naskapi partnership with Innu communities, is a railway company that offers freight and passenger transportation between Sept-Iles and Schefferville all year round

Manikin Center – The Manikin center is a grocery store in Kawawachikamach owned and operated by the Naskapi Development Corporation.

These are the main NNK businesses, but you will also find smaller Nation operations that provide services such as the Naskapi Gas Bar, Naskapi Garage, Nomads Restaurant, Sachidun Daycare, Naskapi Medical House; and a few privately owned businesses such as depanneurs, cafés, transportation services and crafts stores.
For more information on any of these businesses, feel free to contact the Naskapi Economic Department.