Naskapi Housing Department handles the housing needs of Kawawachikamach. In tandem with the Department of Public Works of Kawawachikamach, to organize and facilitate repairs and maintenance on the communities’ houses. With the aid of the Housing Committee, all allocations, housing requests, and maintenance are processed and prioritized.

Economic Development

The Naskapi Economic Development Department (NEDD) is part of the Naskapi Nation of Kawawachikamach operations. The Department offers a variety of services with the objective of improving the Nation’s economic autonomy and the quality of life of all its members. Economic development is a very wide field that touches many aspects of community life. Here are the main focuses of our department: 

Local entrepreneurship

The Naskapi Economic Development Department wishes to develop and encourage local entrepreneurship and the creation of businesses by its members. To do so, the department offers support to Naskapi beneficiaries that want to start a business or need help with their business endeavours. Help can come in the form of funding assistance through the local CEDO envelope or support and advice, including referrals to specialized organizations and funding agencies. Our objective is to see thriving Naskapi businesses answering the local market needs and improving the community’s quality of life.

Training and Employability

Part of the Naskapi Economic Development Department’s mission is to help Naskapi beneficiaries find quality employment opportunities that improve their professional lives and tap into their full potential and talents. To do so, the Department wants to accumulate knowledge on the available workforce and employment opportunities in the region. The NEDD can support members by informing them of employment opportunities, assisting them in their job applications and CV creation and offering them training through the NLMB envelope. 

Business and Industry Relations 

The Naskapi Economic Development Department also wishes to improve the Nation’s economic autonomy by playing a proactive role in all economic activities that are taking place on Naskapi traditional land. To do so, the Naskapi Economic Development Department establishes working relationships with the different industries of the region. By working on partnerships, cooperation agreements and good communications, the Naskapi Economic Development Department ensures that the Naskapi not only benefit from those industries but also have a seat at the table and can push for opportunities that are more respectful of the Naskapi values and way of life. 

Naskapi Police Force

The Naskapi Police Force will provide safety, security and protection, and community-based policing to Kawawachikamach.

In doing this we shall uphold the highest standard of professionalism, and respect the traditions and culture of the Naskapi Nation.

Department of Public Works

The Department of Public Works (“DPW”) oversees a wide range of activities throughout the Naskapi Nation of Kawawachikamach. It is currently compromised into two categories;

  1. DPW Operations and Maintenance (“O&M”)
  2. DPW Capital, Civil and Special Projects (“The Projects”)

The O&M oversees the general maintenance of the Nation’s housing stock, public buildings, water & sewage systems, Kawawachikamach streets, vehicles & heavy machinery, MTQ road (access road to Schefferville), Iron Arm road, and waste management.

The Projects oversees all Nation’s construction projects which include house build projects (“HB Projects”), capital projects and special funding programs.

The DPW also has technical advisors of the Nations, Bruser & Associates Inc. which supports the O&M mandates and its Projects.