PERSONNEL REQUIRED                

Two (both women and men are encouraged to apply);



WORK SCHEDULE                           

40 hours per week, Monday to Friday; 




Based on Scale


  • Must be reliable and experienced in the operation of all machinery, i.e., Loader, Excavator, & Backhoe, owned by the Band:
  • Must have a class 5 valid driver’s license;
  • Hold a valid CNESST Card


Under the direction and supervision of the Manager of Uapenuta Garage, duties include but are not limited to the following:

  • General assistance to the assigned supervisor;
  • Operate heavy equipment such as backhoes, bulldozers, loaders, and graders to excavate, move, load, and grade earth, rock, gravel, or other materials during construction and related activities;
  • Operate bulldozers or other heavy equipment to clear brush and stumps before logging activities and to build roads at logging and surface mining sites;
  • Operate heavy equipment with pile driver head to drive piling into earth to provide support for buildings, bridges, or other structures;
  • Operate heavy dredging equipment to deepen waterways or reclaim earthfill;
  • Operate heavy paving and surfacing equipment to lay, spread, or compact concrete, asphalt, and other surface materials during highway and road construction;
  • Operate power shovels to excavate rock, ore, or other materials from open-pit mines, strip mines, quarries, or construction pits;
  • Operate heavy equipment to move, load, and unload cargo;
  • Conduct pre-operational checks on equipment and clean, lubricate and refill equipment;
  • ability to take direction;
  • communication and teamwork skills;
  • commitment to safety rules;
  • consulting other construction professionals to ensure the best possible results and the final product;
  • any other tasks assigned by the supervisor.


Applications must be submitted to the secretary of the Nation Office, by Wednesday, June 25 at 5:00 p.m. Selection of the candidates will be done by Human Resources in collaboration with a representative from the Department of Public Works, which will make the appointment.